Welcome to Penny Miller Cosmetology Academy!

Penny Miller Cosmetology Academy is an upscale Beauty college that offers the finest training in cosmetology available for students who are serious about career advancement.

Becoming a cosmetologist can lead to a lucrative career and going to cosmetology school is the first step in the process. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, expected growth in the cosmetology industry will likely surpass many other professions. Cosmetologists are required to become licensed to work in the United States and each state has a board that sets the standards necessary to obtain licensure. We are located in Oklahoma and therefore we work closely with the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology to make sure our students are educated in policies and procedures pertaining to Oklahoma Law.

Courses offered in cosmetology school include basic sanitation and hygiene, hair care, nails, waxing, facials and customer service. At Penny Miller Cosmetology Academy we provide kits for our students that include tools they will need for their course. Students are given classroom basics for the first one hundred and fifty hours of their coursework, and then go out onto the floor to perform services for clients, each day they start with Theory Class, and then they start working with clients and mannequins to perfect their services. They are not paid, but can accept tips during their practical service hours, and they gain experience in all aspects of the course they have chosen.

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