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Mineral Makeup…… & tricks.

Pure mineral makeup has become popular because it’s less harsh on the skin than other products. But before using this makeup, it helps to have a few tips. Read on to learn how to achieve smoother skin with pure mineral makeup.

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Always cleanse the face first and then apply moisturizer before using mineral makeup. Even individuals with oily skin may experience some dryness and flaking when using this type of makeup. Applying a moisturizer with SPF will make skin look softer and provide protection from the sun.

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Mineral cosmetics now come in a variety of packages.   For light coverage, or a very natural look, use a large brush when applying the makeup, swirl the brush around in a circular motion all over the face until the level of coverage is achieved. For a full coverage, which is best for photographs and special events, use a large round sponge for the main areas of the face and an angle sponge for those delicate areas around the eyes, nose and hair line.


Use a finishing spray. If after applying mineral makeup, your skin still looks dry, apply a moisturizing finishing spray to the skin. This will get rid of that “flaky look” and make skin appear more flawless, and dewy. Simply spritz a large round cosmetic sponge with the finishing spray and then blot gently all over the face.

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