Scholarship Information @ P.M.C.A.

Working Scholarship Requirements

At Penny Miller Cosmetology Academy we believe that excellence in precision hair cutting and image design, evolves from carefully selecting members to our team, a commitment to excellence in a continuing educational program, creative stimulation, and a positive and a professional  team environment.  Our goal is to reach higher levels of excellence in meeting the student and the client’s needs. We want all of our valued clients to be able to visit any member of our team with confidence.  All student work is supervised by our educators and master stylists.  The working scholarship program is designed to help potential salon professionals come on board and get the education they deserve.

Student must meet the following requirements to qualify for the P.M.C.A. Work Scholarship program.

  1. Fill out application with all necessary documentation.
  2. Provide short essay (250 words or less) as to why you think you can contribute to the professionalism and be an asset to the cosmetology field.
  3. Provide three personal letters of reference.
  4. Maintain 90% attendance.
  5. Maintain a 3.0 GPA.
  6. Follow all rules, regulations and ethic standards of P.M.C.A.
  7. Maintain monthly payments without fail.

Benefits of Program

  1. Learn the Value of Excellent Customer Service.
  2. In depth training in salon operations.
  3. Learn how to grow your business.
  4. Learn how to Market your business.
  5. Learn the need for a Team Environment.
  6. Extended training in advanced hair services.
  7. Students establish positive work habits.
  8. Students learn how to self motivate.
  9. Improved stylist performance.
  10. Build self-esteem.
  11. On-going education.
  12. Learn how to Network, with others in and out of your field.

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  2. admin

    I, as a salon pro, will only purchase my products from reputable dealers who ask to see my license. When I place a product line in my salon, I expect that product line to come to my salon and help educate my staff, and students on that product. If they don’t- then I don’t use them!!! If clients use the wrong product on their hair, they won’t get the results they desire, professional recommendations are needed for each and every client for the use of product on their hair. You do not get pro recommendations at drug stores or variety stores!!! Professional products seem to be more expensive, however, they are usually more potent, and less is required to get the job done, so really, in the end they are more economical! We love our product companies who work to stop diversion of pro lines!!!! Thank you for your work with REDKEN! Have a great day!!

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