Biomega – a New Breakthrough for Healthier Hair.

What’s new?

Well, Aquage products has launched a new season of products & looks using Biomega styling fixatives.  Here is a preview of just a few of the looks you will be seeing this season.  As you can see from the video, there is a wide range of different looks for both men and women.  The main thing to remember is that healthy, shiney hair is in.


Biomega is the new breakthrough for healthier hair and longer lasting color.

Hair’s natural oils are essential for maintaining healthy hair.  Between the high degree of thermal heat we apply to hair today and the frequency of haircolor services, your scalp’s natural oils can no longer effectively repair and protect your hair from dryness and damage, Today, hair needs a boost, a more effective solution to replenish natural oils, but…Natural oils and water don’t mix, they always separate….until now.

Biomega has discovered a brilliant way to suspend highly-active amounts of ultra-light, ultra-rich botanical oils in our extra-gentle, sulfate free, water based shampoos and conditioners, so they can be infused into the hairshaft.  Here’s how our exclusive technology works:

Biomega’s cross-linked polymeric grid:  Exclusive cross-linked polymeric grid suspends potent amounts of nature’s precious, ultra-light oils into the Biomega formulas.  This keeps the oils from separating and allows us to infuse them into the hairshaft at the highest beneficial levels, replenishing and replicating the healthy benefits of hair’s natural oils.


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