Special Event for Students at Penny Miller Cosmetology

Kristen Pless, Salon Success Specialist, recently presented product knowledge information about Aquage Hair Styling Products at Penny Miller Cosmetology Academy.

Students at the Academy enjoyed learning about the wonderful products that Aquage has and the advanced procedures relating to hairstyling, braiding, up styles and thermal styling techniques during the session Kristen presented.  Kristen is a wonderful educator, with a very hands-on approach, who enjoyed giving the students tips and tricks relating to hairstyling.  We look forward to having Kristen back again to provide more education.

With Aquage, we believe that one of the most important aspects of the professional salon experience is the ability to either enhance or transform natural texture.  Today’s professional has the option to create a range of possibilities for their clients using the right combination of Aquage tools and techniques.

The key to creating truly beautiful styles, with consistency and the ability to recreate them with predictable results, lies in the artist’s ability to create the proper level of flexibility and pliability of the hair fiber, regardless of the customer’s natural texture.

The system used to evaluate, prescribe and create the ideal level of texture is the Aquage pliant strength system.  The basis of our system is to first determine the hair’s natural level of pliability and flexibility and then choose to either increase or decrease the level of pliant strength with the proper combination of product and technique.

Aquage products are sold only to independent salons, no national chains or retail stores are allowed to carry the products, thus, keeping the product very professional.  Clients need to know exactly how to use the products and in what combination to get the desired effect.  It is a most wonderful product that truly delivers.  For a technical on how to blow dry short hair with volume and flexibility go to our “What Students Say” page and check out this short video.

Drop by the Academy and we will be more than happy to help you with your hairstyling needs with a consultation and advise on how to care for your hair.




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