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World’s Fair of Cosmetic Arts & Sciences

We recently attended the World's Fair of  Cosmetic Arts & Sciences in Austin Texas.  We got to meet an visit with several leaders in the hair industry, such as Farouk Shami, Bradley Tuggle and Lori Walters, Rocky Vitelli, Joe Pena, Anna Cantu, Tibit Cox, Dixie with the CHI School Program, Martin Parsons, Beth Minardi, Eric Fisher, Shawna Parvin, and many, many more. It was a wonderful learning experience!


The CHI Classes were the most informative and educational!  We experienced several new techniques to produce the new "Ombre'" colors, as well as some very beautiful and stylish  up-styles and braiding techniques.  Anna was so much fun on stage!  She kept her models moving with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.  FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

The CHI Booth was full of fun filled new products and innovations such as the new halo hot rollers, the Touch control Blow Dryer, and the 3 in 1 Orbit Styler.  Wonderful new innovations in the field of hair styling. NEW TECHNOLOGY TO HELP MAKE OUR WORK EASIER!

Hey Clients! Want to learn a Quick way to curl your long hair??? Here is a short 3 minute clip on how to get a quick easy style....ENJOY!!!

We got to see a lot of new techniques for haircolor, and haircutting, and again this season....ANYTHING GOES!   Have fun with it and enjoy doing hair!  What can we say "WE ARE HAIRDRESSERS AND WE ARE PROUD OF IT!"  We chose this profession and WE LOVE IT!  There is nothing more rewarding than making someone else feel better about themselves, this is what we do and we are GREAT at it!!!   We can't wait to share all of these new techniques with our clients.  THEY ALL LOVE IT, when we come back from a show revived and enthused about doing hair!

Way to go fellow educators on helping to motivate the educators, and help us all feel good about our wonderful profession!


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