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Videos – Product Cocktailing with Aquage

What is product cocktailing?

Beautiful hair…What is it and how do you get it? When you look at all those photo spreads in the magazines and wonder, how did they get that models hair to do what it’s doing, she has so much hair and its so…shiny, bouncy, full, curly, straight, and beautiful. Well first of all that model was in “Hair and Makeup” for several hours with her stylist with the perfect blend of products, just for her. It’s a long known secret, it’s not always the product, but knowing how to use the product the perfect way. We take that concept one step further with “Product Cocktailing”. So, what is Product Cocktailing? Well it is a term used when you add two or more styling products together to enhance the desired effect, and to customize the product effect just for you.  Sounds good, right?  Well here are just a few examples of how to use product and how to mix product together for a special effect.

There are a few things to consider when cocktailing, so please watch for future articles with more information.

Have you ever got confused on how to use some of the new styling products that are available now?

Well if so, here are a few quick tutorials, on how to layer product to get the desired effect.

Biomega video behave + text me….

One of the first things to consider is what do I want my hair to do? Do I want it softer, silkier, shiny? Do I need it firmer, stronger & stiff, to hold a curl better? Do I want it to be springy and have bounce? Do I want curls, body or a shape that fits the contours of my head?

Once you have decided exactly what effect you want the fiber of your hair to mimic, then you can select your product. If this is confusing to you ask your salon professional for help…we are here to help you. We train with the finest to help “read your hair” and help you select the right products or blend of products to get the job done.

Here are a few examples of what Aquage products can do for your hair….
SeaExtend® Silkening oil treatment details….
To smooth, silken and add brilliant shine
Accelerates drying time, seals in haircolor results and protects against thermal damage
Crystal-clear formula, unlike other styling products, contains no artificial dyes that can alter haircolor tones
Treatment improves the condition of the hair with continued use
Fortifying Ultragel details
Perfect for use on fragile or damaged hair
Moisturizes and conditions the hair, building a soft natural level of hold
Creates a micro-fine barrier to protect against thermal styling damage and environmental stress
Provides exceptional slip for effortless blow-drying
Straightening Ultragel details
Provides excellent slip during blow-drying
Smoothes, silkens and straightens curly and unruly hair without weight
Light-weight formula maintains natural body and bounce
Seals the cuticle, locking in moisture and locking out humidity
Uplifting Foam details
To create maximum lift and volume while blow-drying
Hair will remain soft and pliable yet full of body and bounce
Excellent for create long lasting style retention
Thickening Spraygel details
Unique formula dramatically thickens and strengthens fine, thin hair that lacks body and vitality
Ideal for use on short to medium length styles
Sea Salt Texturizing spray
Provides firm-hold and dramatically increases volume without stiffness
Enhances strand separation and definition
Curl Defining Creme details
Eliminates frizz on naturally curly or permed hair
Defines strands while keeping curls soft, silky and pliable
Defining Gel details
Gives curls ultimate hold and control, leaving strands with a high gloss finish
Ideal product for naturally curly, wavy or permed hair
Perfect tool to eliminate frizz and define strands
Does not weigh the hair down
Molding Megagel details
Excellent for short to mid-length styles
Ultra-light, yet powerful holding agents deliver strong control with firm-hold
Hair strands will remain flexible and pliable while not weighing the hair down
Freezing Foam
Ideal for making fine, thin hair appear thicker and fuller
To create styles when extreme hold and firmness is required
Stays firm until shampooed out
Now that you have a very basic understanding of what each of the products can do for you and your hair, You can combine them to get a more customized effect Just For You. Here are a few examples of some simple cocktails or blends. Remember to keep it simple at first and only combine 2 products at a time.
For fine hair that is too soft and won’t hold curl…
Use… Fortifying ultragel with just a little thickening spray gel.
For Thick coarse hair that has a lot of natural frizz…
Use Defining Gel with silkening oil treatment.
For Thick curly hair that is out of control and lacking shine…
Use Curl Defining Creme with silkening oil treatment.
For Short fine hair that needs strong hold for a spiky, anti-gravity style…
Use Freezing Foam with Thickening spray gel.
Don’t be afraid to get in there and “Mix it Up” with Aquage products….You just need to remember what your goal is and to combine products that enhance each others final result.

Once you find that perfect blend, don’t forget to select the perfect hairspray to lock in your desired results.
Keep Firm & Fabulous in your beauty toolbox for buildable volume and hold.-Allure, July 2012

Here is another short video to help get you on your way to product cocktailing… Enjoy.

seasalt & uplifting foam

Just for fun…Want a quick way to pull your hair up without a pony-tail? Check this out!

chop sticks updos

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