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Quick & Easy How To's
Quick & Easy How To’s Using Products from P.M.C.A.

Ready for a Deep Smokey Eye?  Here’s a quick and easy how to for the perfect smokey eye.

makeup9Deep Smokey Eye


Start with a Penny Miller Cosmetics Soft Creme eye shadow base in Mercury, apply to entire lid to brow line, then apply a deep dark crease color such as space with a stippling motion in the small of the crease and the outer rim of the eye. Don’t forget to accent the brow to bring attention to the eye.  Rim the lash line with a dark onyx black pencil or liquid liner, finish with black mascara.  Clean the underside of the eye with powder foundation.

All of these products are available at Penny Miller Cosmetology Academy.  Drop by and we can help you develop the look you have always wanted.


Soft and Natural – Warm Tones

How to get this look.—-  Start by balancing out the skin tone with Penny Miller Cosmetics, perfect beige  foundation powder, add color to the cheeks, chin forehead and chin with our bronzing powder natural.  For eyes, use soft shimmer creme shadow in delicate and antique brass, concentrating the deeper shade on the outer corners of the eye.  Line the eyes with brown black liner, follow with black mascara, and give the lips a soft natural gloss in dare.  Don’t forget to shape the brows and accent as needed.

Stay tuned for more make up tricks ….  We are Always here for YOU!  Send us your comments and what you want to see and we will help you out. Drop by and see us and we can help you get the Look YOU have always wanted!

hs6How to Blow Style – Soft, choppy layers.

Start by doing a great volumizing shampoo with CHI Infra Shampoo, followed with a light condition with CHI Infra treatment.  Use a small amount of CHI Straight Guard styling cream and comb through.

Flip your head over and blow dry partially to get lots of base lift and volume. Now for the fun, using a anti-static vent brush, sculpt the hair in the side direction of your choice, now back to the blow dryer.  On low air flow with the vent brush, direct the hair at the angle you want it to go. Finish with a slight flip on the ends only…. No need to flat iron or curl, if you have finished the hair properly.  Finish with just a pearl size dollop of hair polish by CHI and you are ready to go!  ENJOY!!!

chi products


Product of the Month-Penny Miller Cosmetics

Formulated with all clients in mind, Penny Miller Cosmetics offers a wide range of colors for every skin type.  Powder foundations can be used wet or dry for a soft light coverage, or full coverage to cover all imperfections.
Benefits:  Multi purpose – portable- blendable – shine free. Perfect for all skin types.

Other products available in Penny Miller’s line are:

Blushes,  bronzers, powder and creme eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lip color, and skincare.  Drop by for a demonstration.
cosmet compact





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