Professional Salon Safety and Sanitation

Have you ever wondered what YOU should be looking for when you enter a Professional Salon? 

What is required by the State?  What is required by your city?  What about national standards of sanitation?  How did your stylist or nail tech get their state license? Is the Salon clean, safe and sanitary?  Have they had any violations?


These are all very important questions.  And they all deserve answers.

Here in the State of Oklahoma, the state regulatory office is the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology.  The OSBC sets up the rules and regulations that are set forth at the state level, for education requirements, licensing requirements for schools, salons, and all cosmetology related establishments.  They also oversee the safety and sanitation standards for each of these establishments.  They are here for the public, salon workers, and students, to make sure procedures are followed and that everyone is kept safe.   The OSBC also is there for salon professionals at the legislative level to help oversee laws and how they effect our industry.

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So …. When you enter your chosen establishment, look for the following:

1. Cleanliness, clean tools, combs and brushes.

2. Posted licenses.

3. Ethical behavior and a professional atmosphere.

If you feel like the establishment is not following safe sanitation practices it is up to you to decide to frequent the establishment or not.  It is your health and well being that is at risk.





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