Color….What’s Right for Me???

How to Choose a Color that will work for YOU!

Yes, Hair color can be a lot of fun, but not when a mistake is made and you end up with a color scheme that is not attractive on color app 2

Here are a few tips to help you decide what type of color is best for YOU.

1. Think about your youth.  Children always have beautiful hair color.  This is before we use and abuse our hair.  Over process, Over Styled, Over Colored, Over Stressed…..Hair can take a lot of abuse from us.  Remember when we were just  a little younger.  Hair was silky, shiny, bouncy, had great texture, volume and memory.  When we looked at our hair, as a child, it was not just one one flat shade, it had dimension.  Remember this.

carmel highlights


2.  Think about how often we can afford to come into the salon for maintenance.  Time and money is always a consideration.  How much money do you want to spend on maintenance, but most importantly, how often, time wise, can you afford to go to the salon and spend time for maintenance?

Strong vibrant, artificial tones require a higher maintenance schedule, where as an ombre’ color if not too far from your regular base could be much lower maintenance.


Vibrant Red


Natural Ombre






3.  When YOU  look at your clothing, your most favorite pieces, what colors are they?  Do you like blues, violets, greys? Or do you like reds, yellows, and rich browns?  Is there a blouse or shirt that makes you feel special when you wear it?  When we are young we naturally are drawn to colors that make us feel better about ourselves, as we age, we put those feelings aside and conform to what we think other people think looks better on us….Now is a time to re-visit our youth and find what colors help make us feel special….

color wheel - CopyThe Color Wheel

Now that you have selected your most favorite colors, you will find that if you selected colors that are on the warm side of the color wheel, such as red, orange, yellows, or even yellow greens, you will probably look better in warm, sunny colors.    If you selected cool colors such as violets, blues, greens, and violet reds, then you will probably look better in cool, icy colors.  Neutrals are great on everyone, however, they are sometimes a little boring, and it is nice to add a splash of one of your favorites into the mix.

4.  What is your natural color?  This is a good question, since a lot of us haven’t seen our natural color for years, and years.  If it has been at least four weeks since you have had a re-touch, you can look at the base section of your hair and see your natural color. It will look dark if you press it down against your head, so hold it up, try to fan it out and let light reflect through it. hs4

Now, what do you see?  Is it light, medium or dark?  Do you see cool tones, or warm tones?  Do you see any silver (Grey Hair)? Does it look mousey, or bright?

Try to remember….Why did I change it????

Did I get bored with it?  Was I attempting to cover the grey? Go blonde? Brighten it Up? If you like what you see, do you want to go back to your natural?


5.  Now that you have made a few decisions, about your past and present hair color choices and selections, we can help you get your most perfect hair color.  We can help you decide on a technique and color selection that will be perfect for you, your skin tone, your life style and your time and money investment.  Give us a call at 405-238-3426, and we will schedule you an appointment for a consultation, and get you into the hair and makeup you have always dreamed of.  What better way to make a change in your personal appearance than with a new fresh look for Spring .

Especially For YOU!

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