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Fall into Color – What’s HOT this Season

As the Seasons changes so do we.  This is a fact.  Fall is a season when we should adjust our hair color to a deeper richer tone, adjust our cosmetics, and update our wardrobe.

So what are the trends for this season?

Extreme Texture, Movement & Product.

Hairstyles.  Fall 2013 fashion shows are featuring many different looks, including a modern crop top with a long, flowing nape with  strong monocromatic hair color. Honey Blonde, Carmel Blonde, Mocha Chocolate, and Deep Black, are all hot colors on the runway.  Soft, bouncy waves and curls with a mid length cut, with solid lines.  Short, wavy crops with hair combed to the side to accent the eyes, trendy for day or evening look, or just fake the short hair with a simple but refined french twist.   Center parts with long side braids.  Textured locks with lots of paste and wax to give hair grip, and a mussed look.

What is your favorite look?  Do you like the designers that work with a soft fem look or a straight business only look?  Do you enjoy the designers who feature rough, stiff fabrics or soft, silky lacy textures?  Check out the looks and find your personal favorites.
Here is one video from FashionTV. Enjoy!

I love the tips they give on the texture and the cosmetic application to balance the look.  Of course these looks are a little over the edge for the runway, but you can easily bring them down just a little to get them ready for daily wear.  Fashion is Fashion….it’s always a way to express yourself and the way you feel. Whether its, easy going, or runway savvy, it’s all about YOU, and YOUR LOOK!

Enjoy the new looks and find your own signature look.




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