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Happy New Year!

We Welcome 2014!


Are you ready for a new look for the New Year?  Well, then we can help at Penny Miller Cosmetology Academy.  Our students are back and ready for Action!  They are so excited to try the latest styles and newest colors to give everyone a fresh new look.


Go from dull and drab to FUN AND FABULOUS!  Color can do so much to give you a lift from boredom…..Let us help you with some fresh ideas!



What about Nail Care?

What’s New about Nails???


We have new longer wearing nail polish, for a manicure that will last and last!


Fun color combinations, to brighten up your New Year!  Enjoy!!!



Don’t worry ….  We still carry all of the older standby’s like OPI, Tammy Taylor and more.  But isn’t it nice to have a few choices in your nail care routine????





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