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What is it like being a student at Penny Miller Cosmetology Academy?

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Well, we start at 8:00 a.m. with Theory Class.  This class is usually around one hour.  This is where the textbook learning starts….We may have lecture, a how to demo, watch video, or have a power point presentation, explaining the fundamentals of Cosmetology education and it’s application in the Beauty Industry.

IMG_0839[1]We have a relaxed atmosphere where students participate in active learning, we welcome open discussion about all of the topics we teach.  This helps the students get a better understanding of how to apply the basic theory to salon life.

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What do students learn in Theory?

The Basics first, such as general sanitation and infection control, rules and regulations needed in a Beauty Establishment. Master Instructor, Penny Miller, helps the students to perfect Customer Service, Ethics, Basic Procedures for hair styling, hair shaping or cutting, texture services,perming, coloring, blonding procedures, finger waving and pin curls, roller sets, blow out services, foiling, braiding, manicure and pedicure services, facial services, waxing, massage and cosmetic application.images (35)

 The Salon world revolves around the client, and students need to understand this in order to be a success in their career.

This is just the beginning of their journey.



Students practice daily on the mannequins to get the hang of hair styling procedures and after they test out on all of the above basics, then they can start working on the public.


Is it safe for the customers to have students work on them?


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A lot of our customers state that they feel like they get closer attention at the school then at some salons. The instructors check all work prior to the student finishing to make sure the client is happy and satisfied.

Do students get to learn modern techniques?



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We are a CHI Partnered School,

so students get to see the latest and greatest runway looks, and fun, crazy things that are going on in fashion and at hair shows.  We practice some of these techniques, and explain how the look has evolved from something in the past.

Believe it or not history repeats itself….and some of the styles we see as new and hot now,  were here a long, long time ago.

images (15) So if students get the proper education in basic techniques they can compete on the runways of tomorrow!

What about Products…

There are so many, how do you choose what to use?   This is again where education comes in.  Basic products, do basic things, with proper education and product knowledge, students learn about a wide variety of products, how they work, and what is best for a particular type or style of hair.  Farouk CHI

This separates pros from amateurs, and we all know the right product works wonders.

Tools and Techniques- why is that important?

Training in the technology of different tools used in hair styling and other beauty services will help the student to work smarter not harder.  This is a key to longevity in the business.  Have you ever wondered why when you leave the salon, your hair style will last and last, and when you do it at home it never looks the same?  Well it all comes down to education, the right selection of product, the correct pattern when the hair is blow out, and the proper tool to set the style, your client will look fabulous and you will feel wonderful for achieving the perfect look for your  client.



What do our students say about Cosmetology School?

Here are a few of their comments:

“I like cosmo school because it allows me to be creative and learn the new trends in hair and beauty.  It’s also fun and exciting to learn cool color techniques like foiling and balayage.  My fellow students are also very nice and it’s exciting to learn with others who have interests in cosmetology.”   #I<3vino

“I love having the opportunity to help someone make their appearance better than it is.  I want to be able to see on my client’s face that they love what I did & that it helped boost their self confidence.” Morgan S.

“I love Cosmo school because I’ve wanted to learn to do hair ever since I was little, I grew up in my grannies shop watching and helping her.  Now that I’m actually getting to be in this school and begin my future career, my favorite thing so far is coloring hair, and doing hair cuts.  I love learning new coloring techniques and actually getting to do them on the public.  This school allows me to do what I love, and make people look beautiful, and I Love that.” Chade

“We are getting a top notch education.  We have great textbooks and tons of instructional videos.  Many product educators from CHI, Joico, Backscratchers, etc have visited and taught us about their products.  We have lots of great clients that request anything from flat tops to perms.  We are getting tons of hands on experience.  Penny works with us on our schedule.  I have two children and Penny has always been very understanding”  J.C.





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