New Students at The Academy – Summer 2014


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Summer is here and excitement is in the air at the Academy with the addition of three new students to add to our classes.

Whitney joined us earlier  this summer as a transfer student.  Whitney enjoys working on perms and haircuts and loves visiting with everyone.  She is very outgoing and is excited about her education and plans on working in Garvin county later after graduation.

Skyler joined us from McClain county.  She already has a little background in cosmetology related sales, due to her employment at a beauty supply.  Skyler loves braiding hair, and designing fun avante’ gard styles.  She enjoys talking about products and product usage, and loves fun, interesting styles.

Rachel just joined us at the beginning of this month.  She also has a background in sales, and is very serious about completing her education as soon as possible so she can go to work in a friend’s salon in here in Oklahoma.

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We are excited about getting this new mix of girls.  We look forward to helping to guide them in their educational goals.  Big city or small town, we all have “The perfect salon” in mind when we begin our journey in cosmetology.  Sometimes our goals and visions change as our talents grow in the business.  We as cosmetologists have the best career ever, ever changing, exciting, working with all types of people.  The exciting challenges of dealing with a diverse group of people with all different beauty needs.  We have the ability to take our career in any direction we choose.

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Drop by and meet our new students, and see what excitement can be created in the field of cosmetology.

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