Did You Know??? Facts about Nails.

 Facts about nail growth and structure.

The primary purpose of the free edge of the nail is to protect the tip of the finger and or toe.

nail anatomy

The nail bed is attached to the bone by ligaments.

The nail root is attached at the base of the nail, under the skin and inside the mantle.

The skin that touches, overlaps and surrounds the nail is the perionychium.

The lunula is the half-moon shape at the base of the nail that appears white due to a reflection of light at the point where the nail matrix and nail bed meet.

Nails are an appendage of the skin.Nail anatomy 2


The cuticle is the loose and pliable overlapping skin around the nail.

The average growth of nails is 1/8th inch per month in adults.

Nails grow slower due to aging, winter months and or poor nutrition and tend to grow the fastest in the summer.

The growth of a new nail plate takes approximately 4 to 6 months.


Nail polish, applied correctly, can give the nail a healthy thicker appearance.

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