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We would like to congratulate our most recent graduates on completing their courses in the field of Cosmetology and getting ready for their Oklahoma State Board Exams.

Fall of 2014 has been a wonderful experience.  Beautiful weather, happy and fun clients, students excited about learning about the wonderful field of Cosmetology.  What more could we ask for…we have been so blessed with friends and family this year!


This season, three of our students, Morgan Stewart, Jenny Cozad, and Chade King all completed their Cosmetology training.  It is always sad to see them go but, Wow, how exciting!  The sky is their limit, with their new career choices on the horizon.  Where will they go?  What will they do?  When will we see them again?  Are all valid questions our clients love to know about our graduates.

There are so many choices for these new graduates.  In today’s market we have calls every month from salons, day spas, and franchise establishments who are looking for qualified workers in the Beauty field.  Check out our last article – “2014 Update – Why a Career in Cosmetology?”, for more information about all of the career choices these young ladies have facing them.  So many choices, how wonderful is that?

They can work anywhere, choose large or small salons, corporate work, or work by themselves if they choose….limitless possibilities, and earn as much as they desire.   With hard work and dedication to the field the sky is truly the limit!

We wish these young ladies well, and hope all of their dreams come true, and that happiness follows them in their careers as well as their family life.

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