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Who Inspires You?

Today in our society it is sometimes very hard to find positive role models. If you look toward celebrities it is usually fowl language and crude gestures, if you look toward our politicians, you see people arguing and throwing a fit when they don’t get their way.
So, where can our youth look to find positive role models???attitude 4

Parents, it all starts with us.

I still believe that hard work and a good attitude will take you a long distance in life, and that honesty is the best policy. There is a reason for the Golden Rule.

When our children see us working hard, sharing with others, trying to help others through difficult times, looking for the positive in our friends, relatives, and co-workers. They see positive role models at work. We have all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not give our children a picture of happy, honest people helping others.
Have you ever noticed a small child at play? Do they mimic your words, actions, and thoughts? Let us all step up and help a young person be a little better.

attitude 5

Does this mean we need to be perfect all the time? NO! But when you notice that you have done something dishonest, mean, or petty in front of your child, own up to it and let them know you were having a bad moment, and you need their help to be better. We all need to be needed, and we all feel the need to help others.


Let us all do better in this New Year, to gain back the values, character, ethics, and the integrity that our children deserve to see. They need us to guide them into a better tomorrow!

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