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Motivation…..Where can we find it?

Look around us each and every day and we can see a lot of people, facing difficult decisions, tough life choices, bad times, and needless other troubles that just seem to pound and pound on them. Why is it so difficult to get by today? Many people have many thoughts on these life long questions, but trouble has be around us, in this world forever and more likely than not, will continue to be here.

So, what can we do to survive in these difficult times? Keep the faith, and keep trying. I truly believe that God has a plan for each and every one of us, and we are all special. We all have special gifts and talents, that we can use to help us and others to get by.

Join me this season, in finding special motivational information that we can share with others. We never know who might need a little extra help, and may gain something from the smallest of gestures.

Here is a short video I found on Youtube, that I thought might inspire you. Don’t Give Up! God always has a plan!

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