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attitude 8You don't have to break the bank to get a Wonderful Education!

We are a small school in a lovely community called Pauls Valley.  We offer a big education at a very reasonable price!

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We are offering specials right now on our Cosmetology Course, if you attend full time.  Please contact us by phone at 405-238-3426 and we can schedule a tour of our school and tell you all about our programs.  We have been here in Pauls Valley, in the Beauty Industry since 1989 and our school has been here since 2003.  We still hold 100% pass rate on State Testing.  We know the beauty business and can help you on your career path!


HANDS ON EDUCATION!  Do you learn how to service a client properly from a blog or a youtube video?  NO- You need hands on practice.  Our day consists of one hour in the class room and then the other seven hours practicing the skill.  YOU NEED HANDS ON to get the Education you need to become a success!  Believe me no one is going to get a great haircut or beauty service over the internet!

OUR GRADUATES EXCEL!   Many have gone on to open and operate their own businesses here in Oklahoma!  You can go to our article "Where are They Now?  Graduates from P.M.C.A." and read more about a few of our graduates.

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Success is Easy at P.M.C.A.  Yes, you have to work for it, but doesn't work make it all worth it?  Do you really want something just given to you, or do you really appreciate something when you have to put forth the effort, make the grade, and be willing to go the extra mile to make your work special???  We will teach you how to apply yourself, and make yourself better so you can achieve greatness.


Your education doesn't end when you graduate!  We are here for you!  We will help you find the resources you need to achieve the career goals you are seeking!  Whether you choose to work behind the chair, on stage or in r&d, we can help.  There are so many, many opportunities out there, don't let your education or lack of education hinder you.

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We are partnered with CHI.  CHI is a wonderful company, who can add a lot to the mix.  We can get advanced education, and network with platform artists, event coordinators, major educators, designers, fashion industry leaders and many many more to help to take your education to the next level.  The sky is truly the limit, and there are no glass ceilings.  You can achieve greatness and demand the pay you deserve.


GIVE US A CALL 405-238-3426

Penny Miller - Owner and Educator of P.M.C.A.

Penny Miller - Owner and Educator of P.M.C.A.

Penny Miller started her cosmetology career in 1982 in Oklahoma. After a few years in the business she purchased a small barber shop in Pauls Valley known as Phase II Hair Design. With a passion for the Beauty Business, she grew her business, expanded her technical skills and her business skills and then later went back to school to learn the best methods to mentor others in the beauty field. Penny has worked and trained with several wonderful cosmetology professionals through the years, and has a true working knowledge of the Salon Business. Once she graduated with her instructors license, she tested her methods, and then opened what is now known as Penny Miller Cosmetology Academy - Phase II. She offers cosmetology training in several different courses as well as intense Salon Business Building practices. Penny still has a passion for the Beauty Business and enjoys helping others to find their path in Cosmetology. Her methods of teaching have been tried and true, as she still hold a 100% pass rate with her students at the state testing level.

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