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Time to Enroll in Fall Semester

chi parterYes, it's that time of year again.  Fall is almost here and we are ready to get back into another class of fresh, new students.

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Have you ever thought of cosmetology as a career choice?  Did you know that this field is growing by leaps and bounds?  You have the choices to control your success with a degree in the Beauty Field!

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Whether it's working in a home town salon, or a medical spa....or any choice of other exciting careers in the cosmetology field you have to get started with your basics.  We are here to provide you with the best possible education to get your career on the right path.


With a Passion for Cosmetology, Many earn $ 100,000.00 plus per year.


Schedule an appointment with me, Penny Miller, and I will go over all of the options we have to offer and explain in depth the many, many career choices you have.  We are her to help you Succeed!

Penny Miller - Owner and Educator of P.M.C.A.

Penny Miller - Owner and Master Educator of P.M.C.A.

Hope to see YOU soon!


Penny Miller started her cosmetology career in 1982 in Oklahoma. After a few years in the business she purchased a small barber shop in Pauls Valley known as Phase II Hair Design. With a passion for the Beauty Business, she grew her business, expanded her technical skills and her business skills and then later went back to school to learn the best methods to mentor others in the beauty field. Penny has worked and trained with several wonderful cosmetology professionals through the years, and has a true working knowledge of the Salon Business. Once she graduated with her instructors license, she tested her methods, and then opened what is now known as Penny Miller Cosmetology Academy - Phase II. She offers cosmetology training in several different courses as well as intense Salon Business Building practices. Penny still has a passion for the Beauty Business and enjoys helping others to find their path in Cosmetology. Her methods of teaching have been tried and true, as she still hold a 100% pass rate with her students at the state testing level.

2 thoughts on “Time to Enroll in Fall Semester

  1. I am interested in applying to your hair school. I was wondering is you could email me an application and set up a time to talk about the hours and price. Thank You!!! – Kaytie

  2. Kaytie: I’m so happy you are interested in attending. Could you please drop in and pick up an application, and I can talk to you about all of the different programs and options.

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