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2017 Update – Careers in Beauty-Travel World Wide

Careers in Beauty - Cosmetology, Makeup Artistry, Nail Technician - Travel World Wide - Unlimited Income Potential.


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Rated ONE of the Top 10 Career Choices, Cosmetology is Booming!

Studies show that it is a very stable field that is recession proof and growing at a steady rate.

2017 Update -  Cosmetology Careers from Penny Miller Cosmetology Academy 

Why?  You might ask.  Well, do you have hair, skin or nails?  That is the answer.  Everyone at some time or other needs beauty services to help them with their concerns about their own hair, skin and nails.  Also people are in the job market, and need to look great and travel world wide for their own careers.  Did you know that women who wear makeup to work make more money than their own fellow female workers who do not wear cosmetics.  Therefore there is a need for beauty and cosmetics.  This is not purely vanity, it shows that individuals who wear cosmetics, take pride in their appearance, and usually will perform better than someone who is not quite as well put together, and doesn't care about the small stuff.

According to occupational handbooks-

Cosmetology is expected to grow faster than average, offering work in all capacities from extreme to in-between success.  Overall employment for personal appearance workers is projected to grow because of increasing population, incomes, and demand for beauty services.  Source - NAACAS 2007 Job Demand Survey.

Licensed cosmetologists provide a variety of personal services that help clients to look and feel their best.  Services include hair styling, hair dressing, braiding, upstyles, chemical services such as perms, color, highlights, lowlights, speciality color such as ombre', sombre', multidimensional color, texturizing & smoothing services, hair cutting, and barbering services, waxing, facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, speciality facials, tanning, spray tans, makeup artistry, manicures, pedicures and artificial nails.




Personal appearance is not only a key factor in keeping one's morale high. A well groomed appearance is also a factor in enhancing one's chances for a successful career!

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The primary goal of a successful licensed cosmetologist is to create an experience that the client will enjoy and want to repeat.  Cosmetologists keep pace with the fashion world and stand ready to meet the constantly changing career skills vital to success.

Continuing education is a must! Cosmetology offers opportunities for personal growth and many, many career options!!!




The demand for Cosmetologists:  In January 2007, there were 1,682,641 professionals employed in the nation's 370,215 beauty salons, barber shops, skin care salons, and nail salons.  The typical salon is a small full service shop with 5.1 stations, three full-time professionals, and two part time professionals.








Salon owners reported 484,660 job openings that were filled during 2006.  This represents an average of 1.3 openings per salon.  Nearly 40 percent of all new positions were filled by inexperienced workers.  Compare that to college graduates, with a two year or four year degree, who are now seeking jobs outside their field of expertise.

More Facts about Cosmetology

Even with significant levels of hiring, nearly three quarters of the salons that tried to fill positions were not able to find qualified applicants.  The supply of skilled professionals in the beauty industry continues to fall short of the demand.  This is a chronic shortage that has been reported in earlier surveys of the cosmetology industry.

Hair stylists are needed in every town and city in the country.



travel world wide

Of the various specialties, the increasing demand for nail technicians appears to be most substantial.  While nail tech's currently make up only 9.7% of the current industry employees, nearly 18 percent of the job openings are in that area.

Nail Technician

Careers in Beauty

56 percent of salon employees work full time, 31 percent are part time (20-35 hours), and 13 percent are low time (less than 20 hours).

The average salary, NOT including tips, is about $30,000 to $ 48,000 per year.

Careers in Beauty

These findings support the unmet needs of the industry along with several possible ways you can enter this profession.  Employment opportunities far outweigh the risks of a career transition.

A Look Into YOUR Future!

1.  Constant Demand.  The need for hair stylists, manicurists, and aestheticians is not likely to diminish.

2.  Growth of Spas.  They once were the exclusive retreats for the rich and famous; however, more and more consumers are now embracing the spa lifestyle.  For aspiring or current beauty professionals, this means that job opportunities will grow rapidly, especially due to the growth in full-service day spas, and medi-spas.

3.  Greening of Beauty.  The current "green" movement goes far beyond fluorescent light bulbs and recycling.  It's also translating into a solid career choice.  Interest in sustainable beauty and fashion equates to a greater demand for highly skilled and licensed beauty professionals who are trained in natural or alternative treatments such as aromatherapy, body wraps, salt and sugar glows, reflexology, and more.

4.  Ultra-Luxury is Alive.  Cosmetology is a business that caters to the wealthy including movie stars, CEOs, philantropists, oil magnates, and others.  The ultra-rich consumer easily weathers any recession and continues to spend lavishly on beauty, health, and wellness.

5.  Multi-Faceted Career.  Many cosmetologists are skilled in not just hair styling, coloring, and cutting, but also manicures, pedicures, facial treatments, make-up analysis, and much much more.  This means you have room to branch out and explore other fields, and that income comes not from a single source but highly diverse avenues ensuring a safety net for salon owners as well as workers.


6.  Baby Boomer Clientele.  In a society that  values youth and beauty, aging baby boomers- a group of 78 million Americans, are willing to spend money to get closer to the fountain of youth.

7.  International Opportunities.  Even when the economy is doing poorly in the U.S., other countries may be doing well.  With global hospitality companies opening up branches overseas, there are employment opportunities in spas,  hotels, and other outlets which offer a chance for travel.

8.  Governmental Posts.  Some of the most stable jobs are int the federal government where layoffs and firings are less than in the private sector.  If your salon is located near a military or airbase, government contracting firm, or other government-linked facility, there will be plenty of personnel wanting personal care services.

9.  Stress Reducer.  Stress is the tipping point that leads to sleep disorders, poor eating and for some- hypertension.  Regular spa visits can help treat health concerns and act as a preventative measure as well.

10.  Occupational Outlook.  The U.S. Department of Labor predicts that job opportunities for estheticians will grow rapidly through 2016.  This means that salon professionals will enjoy job security for many years to come.

References-"10 Reasons to Start a Recession-Proof Cosmetology Career," Articles base.com(28 Nov.2008), and Tips and Snips for a promising future the essentials, by Kathy Jager.


Career Choices-   Wow! There are so many!

2015 may 148

There are numerous opportunities in the job market for cosmetologists.  The trick to being a happy professional is finding the right fit for yourself with your career choice and your work setting.  Only you can analyze yourself,  deep down, and figure out what environment you need to work in to be happy.  There are several choices.  First and foremost decide what type of people do you want to work with.  Then decide what type of services you prefer performing, and then what type of people you want in your target market.  When you get the right mix, work does not seem like work and your days will go fast and you will be much happier in your workplace.

Penny Miller - Owner and Educator of P.M.C.A. Let me get your career on track.


Here is a list of a few of the careers in beauty you can choose from: Cosmetologist

  1.  Competition Stylist

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    Working - Behind the Chair

  2.  Beauty Educator Director
  3.  Salon/Spa Manager
  4.  Extension/Braid Specialist
  5.  New Product Innovator
  6. Web Designer for Salons
  7.  Perm Specialist
  8.  Union Stylist
  9.  Nail Technician
  10.  Advertising Magazine Artist
  11. Hair Replacement Specialist
  12. Corporate Communications
  13. Franchise Owner


    Tools, Sales and PK

  14. Freelance Stylist
  15. Product Distributor
  16. Beauty Pageant Stylist
  17. Salon Public Relations
  18. Development and Production Associate for School Programs
  19. Receptionist
  20. Creative Director
  21. Platform Artist
  22. School Director
  23. Session Stylist
  24. Show/Event Coordinator
  25. Cosmetology Coach
  26. Beauty Business Consultant
  27. Team Builder

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    Makeup Artistry

  28. Sales Consultant
  29. Set Director Stylist
  30. Fashion Photography Stylist
  31. TV/Cable Hair Stylist/Make up Artist
  32. Modeling Hair Stylist
  33. Permanent Makeup Artist
  34. Corporate Careers
  35. Tool Sales/ Distributor
  36. Cruise Ship Stylist
  37. Marketing/Advertising
  38. Makeup Consultant
  39. Association / Government
  40. Product Design
  41. Medical Wellness Chain Salon Owner
  42. Chain Salon Director/Manager

    Krissy Miller, Student Relations at Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology, Barbering and Massage

  43. Color Specialist
  44. State Board Inspector
  45. Beauty School Owner
  46. Beauty School Director
  47. Cosmetology Instructor
  48. Esthetician
  49. Esthetician Instructor
  50. School Admissions Associate
  51. Chain Salon Educator
  52. Product Demonstrator/Educator
  53. Hotel/Resort Stylist
  54. Beauty Industry Market Researcher
  55. Beauty Editor
  56. Mortuary Cosmetologist
  57. Hospital/Retirement Home Cosmetologist
  58. Volunteer for Cut It Out/Look Good Feel Better Program
  59. Nail Technician Instructor
  60. Glamour Photography Stylist/Makeup Artist

And the list can go on and one. New products and procedures are coming out all of the time, and new beauty services are added to the list constantly.  The best part is you can customize your work schedule, to suit both you and your clients.  This leans a bonus of a flexible work schedule which helps to ease boredom that can happen in a regular work place.  Happy clients make a happy workplace!

 There is no reason to be bored with a Career in Cosmetology!

Penny Miller & Rachael Free
CHI Educators

So many choices, so many decisions, so much to think about.  A new career path can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.

Start simple, But get started!

Top Rated School

PMCA Holds 100% pass rate since 2003!

You won't achieve your dreams if you don't do anything!  Only you can determine your destiny!

You are the only one  responsible for your success or failure.  THIS IS FACT!


Do YOU think Cosmetology may be a Career Choice for YOU?


Working with clients is always fun and rewarding!

It can be a lot of fun.  It is a very rewarding profession.   You must love people and want to help them achieve their cosmetic goals.  There is a great market for Cosmetology professionals, and you could be a part of an ever growing market.  There are no glass ceilings, with unlimited income potential.   You can earn as much as You choose to earn if you are willing to work.  There is plenty of work out there, and you can choose your forum.  Wonderful opportunities, wonderful job advancement, wonderful learning possibilities and a variety of choices for you and yours.  

If you think you are interested in a Career in Cosmetology  give me a call at 405-238-3426, we can schedule a meeting and I can help you to get started in this wonderful field!




Penny Miller started her cosmetology career in 1982 in Oklahoma. After a few years in the business she purchased a small barber shop in Pauls Valley known as Phase II Hair Design. With a passion for the Beauty Business, she grew her business, expanded her technical skills and her business skills and then later went back to school to learn the best methods to mentor others in the beauty field. Penny has worked and trained with several wonderful cosmetology professionals through the years, and has a true working knowledge of the Salon Business. Once she graduated with her instructors license, she tested her methods, and then opened what is now known as Penny Miller Cosmetology Academy - Phase II. She offers cosmetology training in several different courses as well as intense Salon Business Building practices. Penny still has a passion for the Beauty Business and enjoys helping others to find their path in Cosmetology. Her methods of teaching have been tried and true, as she still hold a 100% pass rate with her students at the state testing level.

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