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Winter Weather and Beauty Tips

Burrrrr…..It’s Really Cold Outside!

Wow, it’s really cold here in P.V. today.  I guess winter has arrived.  How would you like some tips on Winterizing you hair, skin and nails?

We are a full service CHI Partner School, so we offer a wide range of services such as scalp treatments, nail treatments and facials. In the following video you will see one of the basic procedures for a spa conditioning services using CHI Tea Tree Products. We also carry the new CHI Rose Hip Oil Products as well as many others.


Deep moisturize for hair is most important when the winds are blowing and the heat is on in our homes and businesses.  To properly deep condition it is very important to cleanse the hair first to prep the hair and remove any residue from previous hair products such as waxes, gels and hairsprays.  After cleansing, rinse and towel dry hair to remove any excess water, then add a deep moisturizer such as Aquage healing conditioner, comb through, bag and leave on for 1-3 minutes, rinse, towel dry and proceed with your styling techniques.

Ok, so Now for the Nails.  Are your nails dry, cracking, or peeling?  Are your hands parched from the Winter winds, and the indoor heat?  The best thing for this type of problem is a spa manicure.  We start by cleansing the hands with a sugar scrub, follow with a hand massage with a deep moisturizing lotion and then dip in a warm mixture of skin conditioning oils and paraffin, your hands are then wrapped in mitts and allowed to deep treat the skin of your hands and the nail plates to soothe your winter woe’s.  Once the conditioning is complete we finish the manicure with cuticle care, nail care, and then we apply the polish of your choice.  Your hands will feel wonderful and your nails will look great! We now offer the full line of Cuccio Nail Colors – Check out these beautiful shades!

mani hands

Skin care at it’s finest.  The European Facial.

Does you skin need an extra boost?  Winter is tough on our faces, and we all know we need to put our best face forward.  facial machine

The European Facial can be a combination of many different types of treatments using a multi-function machine to help with deep exfoliation, steaming, deep pore cleansing, micro-dermabrasion, vacuuming the skin, massage and even galvanic and light therapy such as  u.v. treatments to help the skin heal from the harsh effects of the weather.


What about at home skincare?  It is always important to cleanse and moisturize your skin daily, especially when the weather is so harsh.  facial home

Just like the hair it is very important to cleanse the skin first, then immediately apply your moisturizer. This will seal in the moisture and help to better hydrate your skin.  Scrubs are great to do at home about once a week, but if you overstimulate the skin too often you could possibly increase the chance of an acne flare up is you are acne prone.



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