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student news

Exciting things are always happening for our students at Penny Miller Cosmetology Academy.

We recently had five more students graduate and take their board exams.  Each one passed and they are all now working in professional salons and spas.  We are so proud of these wonderful young ladies!


2015 group

Shelley Moore is now at D Salon in Purcell, Oklahoma.

Skyler is at Roots in Norman, Oklahoma.

Rachel is doing hair and nails in Ardmore at Cuttin' Up.

Kaci is busy doing facials at Echo Canyon Resort, and Misty is doing facials and massage at Sole'renity Spa in Sulphur.

Congrats to all of the 2015 -2016 Graduates of Penny Miller Cosmetology Academy.

Texturizing Services Available!

Does your hair lack bounce, shine and vitality?  Then it may be time for a texturizing service.

CHI Non Ammonia Perms are not yesterdays Perms!


No ammonia, so less swelling on the hair shaft results in bouncy, shiny curls, that are not hard, dull and crunchy.

Farouk CHI

With a variety of tools, we can give you big bouncy curls, organic natural looking waves, or even smaller spiral curls with the latest and greatest products available.

If you are ready for a change, just give us a call and we can schedule you a consultation and explain the advantages of some of these new, fun services, that will help you with your hair care needs.


Stress and How to Deal with It.

Stress.....What is it and why do we have it???

The biological concept of stress was first developed by Hans Selye who intended originally for "Stress" to indicate a cause rather than effect.  He made a linguistic error and gave the term stress to the effect and later had to create the term "stressor" to explain the cause.attitude 2

Stress is defined in medicine as the result produced when a structure, system, or organism is acted upon by forces that disrupt equilibrium or produce strain.

It is generally believed that a little stress is required to maintain certain biological organisms, however too much can cause pathological changes in the body.

Do You Have Stress?

Massage & Reflexology are two treatments that can relieve stress and tension, improve blood supply and help unblock nerve impulses.


How can we deal with Stress in the Salon?   images

Chair Massage can be a very short treatment usually 15 to 30 minutes long, quick and easy to help us unwind and de-stress.  Chair massage can be done quickly and simply on a lunch break, before work or even after work.

No oils or lotion are required, clients do not disrobe, hair is not mussed up during the massage.  Just a simple pressure point treatment to help you relax and de-stress.


Reflexology is a treatment done alone or along with a pedicure or manicure, generally an oil or lotion is used and the pressure points in the palms of the hands or the soles of the feet are worked on.  This deep pressure massage relieves stress of the body.  With over 7,000 nerve endings on the bottom of each foot, stimulation of these nerve endings sends signals along to the spinal cord, and up to the thalamus gland in the brain, which produces its own painkillers called endorphins.  Reflexology stimulates the body's own pain killing system.

foot massageReflexology treatment can take as little as 30 minutes, or can be coupled with a pedicure and take 60 to 90 minutes.

Aromatherapy - Therapy through aroma, can also be a great stress reducer, please check out our other articles about aromatherapy and reflexology @ , , to find out more.

To book a treatment- just give us a call at 405-238-3426.






Time to Enroll in Fall Semester

chi parterYes, it's that time of year again.  Fall is almost here and we are ready to get back into another class of fresh, new students.

2015 may 148

Have you ever thought of cosmetology as a career choice?  Did you know that this field is growing by leaps and bounds?  You have the choices to control your success with a degree in the Beauty Field!

2015 may 133

Whether it's working in a home town salon, or a medical spa....or any choice of other exciting careers in the cosmetology field you have to get started with your basics.  We are here to provide you with the best possible education to get your career on the right path.


With a Passion for Cosmetology, Many earn $ 100,000.00 plus per year.


Schedule an appointment with me, Penny Miller, and I will go over all of the options we have to offer and explain in depth the many, many career choices you have.  We are her to help you Succeed!

Penny Miller - Owner and Educator of P.M.C.A.

Penny Miller - Owner and Master Educator of P.M.C.A.

Hope to see YOU soon!


School is Almost Back in Session….

students 1

Need Fashion & Beauty Tips for Your Child?

Whether it's getting your child Fashion Forward or just Style Basic, we can help to get your 2015-2016 school off and rolling in the best way possible.  What better way to make a statement than with a new look?  Give us a call and we can get you and your kiddos in for a haircut, style, manicure, facial or what ever other beauty service they may need to get their school year going great!


Do you have problems communicating with your child about their beauty needs?fustrated client

Does it turn into a shouting match or a fight to get them to comb their hair, take care of their skin, or even some basic hygiene issues???


We can help.  You know your kids will listen to a stranger about these issues before they will listen to a parent....Let us step in and help.


Call us at 405-238-3426 and we can help to show them the proper techniques, from professionals in the beauty field, to maintain the look they need or desire.  We can handle this for you.  Let us help you get your child's school year started right!


New Summer Hours! 2015



Tired of the heat?  Ready to get out and get going while it's still cool outside?


Well....we have a plan.  Summer 2015, effective June 16th, we are now open at 7:00 a.m. to the public for Beauty Services!

Yes!  You heard right 7:00 a.m. and you can come in before work for all of your beauty services!  Haircuts, perms, styles, color, manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials, cosmetic application and much more!


No need to do your hair in the morning, let us do it for you!

2015 group

What about lunchtime appointments?  YES!  We can do that too!  We are opened daily Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 2:00.  So no need to ever have a BAD HAIR DAY- we can help!


Students at Hair Show 2015

Call for an appointment 405-238-3426 and we can get you on the appointment book.

imagesRelax with a Chair Massage!

100_5476Get Your Summer Hair Cut!



Calm down with a Facial customized just for you!

Tell us if you love these new hours and we may continue this past summer.  Let us know what you need and we can see what we can do to better serve you.  We at, Penny Miller Cosmetology Academy, value our customers and hope we can help to make your beauty service an experience you can enjoy!



HOW TO – Achieve the Perfect Brows


Beautiful, well shaped brows are in!

brow guidelines

What can we say about Eye Brows?   Would you put a cheap frame around a beautiful masterpiece?   Of course not!   The Eye brows  frame  your eyes.  Keep the eyebrows clean, simple and elegant with just a few simple steps.

Cosmetology professionals are well trained in how to shape the brow in the perfect way for your particular face shape.  There are many considerations to be made when shaping your brows, for instance...If you have a larger bone structure - a thicker, heavier brow is needed...if you are petite and delicate, a thinner, finer brow shape may be needed.  Always seek the advice of a trained professional in selecting the perfect shaped brow for you.

brow tweeze

Most women get their eyebrows waxed, plucked, threaded, or shaped, again it is best to seek the advice of a pro, but here are a few tips to accent your brows.   An extra way to add a little shape to your face is to fill in your brows with a brow powder or pencil or even a stain.  This is especially important if your brows are sparse or fair.

brow color


Use a small, stiff, angled brush to add definition to the brow with a powder brow color.  If you use a brow pencil, you can use this same style of brush to soften the lines made by the pencil. I prefer the brow powder over a pencil, but sometimes both are needed if your brows are extremely thin.  When using the pencil, make short, small strokes the same direction as your brows grow.  (You are trying to simulate the actual eyebrow hair).  Find a brow powder that matches the color of your hair.  Or, if you are a very light blonde, go a couple of shades deeper for added definition. Redheads sometimes have a hard time finding a reddish-brown brow powder, but there is a wider selection of colors available in eye shadows that can double as a brow powder. Just make sure the eye shadow is a matte shade and doesn't have any shimmer to it. Follow with a small amount of clear brow setting gel or spray on your brow brush to keep your brows in shape all day long.



Keep a brow brush in your makeup bag. The perfect brush tool has angled, stiff bristles that are short and will allow you to brush the powder right into your brows. When you add the step of filling your brows with powder to your makeup routine, you'll be amazed at how extra polished and professional your makeup will look.



All of these items are available at our Salon. We will be glad to help you with your color selection and even an in house makeup lesson.  Just call 405-238-3426 or drop by Penny Miller Cosmetology Academy for a consultation.


Beauty Tips & Tricks

Have you ever blow dried you hair and ended up with a frizzy, hot mess? 

Did you wonder what went wrong?  Well don't worry or wonder any are some tips from Penny on how to style your hair and get the smooth, silky locks you have always wanted.

  1. Start with a good shampoo, such as CHI Infra, and  Dampen the hair with warm water, apply a nickle to quarter size dollop of shampoo to your hands, work through the hair, making sure to massage the scalp, this will increase circulation, and feed the hair shaft, lather well & then rinse well.  Repeat if needed.

chi152.  Remove excessive water by towel blotting and then apply conditioner. When conditioning it is important to use the proper blend for you hair type and apply first to the mid-shaft and ends, and then what is left over apply near the scalp.  The ends of the hair has been around longer and therefore needs more conditioning. Use only a small amount, usually around a dime to nickle size, work through and leave on for 3 - 5 minutes.  It take this long for the cuticle of the hair shaft to close down, resulting in those silky locks. Rinse, Rinse, Rinse  using a warm water, making sure to remove all product. Left over product will result in dull, heavy, hair that will easily attract dust, dirt and other pollutants.



3.   Next...Towel blot well to remove as much water as possible.  Apply selected styling products, comb through the hair gently.When blow drying the hair, it is important to be gentle.  Use a brush that is designed for blow drying such as an anti-static vent brush, and finish with a boar bristle or thermal brush for fine tuning the style.

images (29)

4.  Section the hair into easy to manage partings, with your dryer on medium heat and medium air flow you can start at the scalp area and work down the shaft towards the ends of the hair so you do not rough up the cuticle.  Smooth the hair into the direction and the shape you prefer it to go. Remember to be gentle, and when you get your hair into the shape you like then cool the heat down to "Set" the style.

images (28)

5.  Follow with you curling iron, flat iron or other thermal tools if needed, but remember to use a thermal product to protect your hair from the excessive heat that these new tools generate.

Anatomy of Hair 4

The most important thing to remember is that hair is made of fiber, and fiber is delicate,  you must be gentle to be effective and select the proper blend of styling products for your hair type. The right shampoo, conditioner, styling products, and tools will make your styling much easier, more effective, and less aggressive on the hair, and will give you beautiful results.  Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions.

What are my favorite blow drying products?  CHI Infra Shampoo & Infra Treatment, Silk Infusion, Quick Curl Thermal Spray,  and a soft/medium hold product such as Aquage defining gel.

chi 16


Shadowing Available….

Penny Miller Cosmetology
How would you like to join the field of cosmetology?
We are offering shadowing for prospective students who may be considering school.
If you would like more information about any of our programs, please call Penny at 405-238-3426 and speak with her about the different options available.


2015 May Shadows 001

We offer a real-salon, real-life look at the cosmetology program.  What you practice in school you will take with you to the salon.  Your education at Penny Miller Cosmetology Academy will give you the first hand experience you will need to handle real-life situations in any salon you choose to work in.


Don't settle for less than the best!  Join Us at P.M.C.A.

Hope to see you soon!

Penny Miller

Penny Miller - Owner and Educator of P.M.C.A.

Penny Miller - Owner and Educator of P.M.C.A.








How to do the Perfect Blow Out.

chi parter

Our friends at Farouk Systems have just released a new training video by Anna Cantu. In this video Anna will show you the proper and most effective way to blow style your hair for lots of volume and bounce. Please note the wonderful products she is using during the service.
As always, you can come in and we can help you to select the right CHI product just for you.

I hope you enjoy this video. From Farouk Systems and Anna Cantu.