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  Exciting things are always happening for our students at Penny Miller Cosmetology Academy. We recently had five more students graduate and take their board exams.  Each one passed and they are all now working in professional salons and spas.  We are so proud of these wonderful young ladies!   Shelley Moore is now at

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Texturizing Services Available!

Does your hair lack bounce, shine and vitality?  Then it may be time for a texturizing service. CHI Non Ammonia Perms are not yesterdays Perms! No ammonia, so less swelling on the hair shaft results in bouncy, shiny curls, that are not hard, dull and crunchy. With a variety of tools, we can give you

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Stress and How to Deal with It.

Stress…..What is it and why do we have it??? The biological concept of stress was first developed by Hans Selye who intended originally for “Stress” to indicate a cause rather than effect.  He made a linguistic error and gave the term stress to the effect and later had to create the term “stressor” to explain

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Beauty Tips & Tricks

Have you ever blow dried you hair and ended up with a frizzy, hot mess?  Did you wonder what went wrong?  Well don’t worry or wonder any more…here are some tips from Penny on how to style your hair and get the smooth, silky locks you have always wanted. Start with a good shampoo, such

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Shadowing Available….

How would you like to join the field of cosmetology? We are offering shadowing for prospective students who may be considering school. If you would like more information about any of our programs, please call Penny at 405-238-3426 and speak with her about the different options available. We offer a real-salon, real-life look at the

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