To Curl or Not to Curl….Are “Perms” back???

Texture Services for 2012.

Clients are constantly asking me what’s in and what’s out in the hair industry.  Ease in styling the hair is the main thing.  If we, hair dressers, could make your life a little easier why not do it?  This is where texturizing services come in.

Do you have flat hair that won’t hold curl? Do you want bouncy, full hair?  Do you want curls that stay in all day?  Well then a volumizing, texture service may be the answer for you.  The days of the old standard perm is out.  Beach waves are in!  The new texture services offer a more organic, modern curl pattern that is not so “set” and “structured”, it moves, it flows, and it feels soft and silky. The chemicals are more gentle on the hair often infusing keratin protein into the hair, therefore, making the hair stronger and healthier after the service, helping the hair to style easier and faster.


What about hair that is already curly, wavy, or frizzy?

Can anything be done to help eliminate the frizz?  YES!  A smoothing service may be right for you.   Texture doesn’t have to be curl, or waves, it can be straight and less frizzy.  Technology has come a long way in the last few years and now you can straighten the hair completely with chemicals, or just reduce the amount of frizz, and keep your waves or curls.  Again these products are infusing protein into the hair therefore reducing the frizz and helps to block out extra humidity that often causes the frizz to happen.  Don’t confuse these products with the Keratin Blowouts that contain formaldehyde & have recently been pulled off the market by the FDA for possible health hazards.  These new chemicals are completely safe if done in a professional salon that has been trained in all of the safety precautions that are associated with any of these chemicals.

We are at an advantage, this day and time, with a wide variety of chemists who are constantly looking for new chemicals that can make our jobs easier, our hair stronger, healthier, and easier to care for, the days of one shampoo, one style gel and one hairspray are over. We now have endless options as far as hair care products, chemicals, and at home maintenance items to help may our styling easier.  Professional Salons should carry a selection of different products to help custom blend the proper regime for you at home.  Don’t hesitate to ask your hair care provide for his or her recommendations.

We have come a long way baby!



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