Scholarships Available

I would  like to invite you to join us in a special program to empower women who have recently, due to life circumstances, are being forced back into the work force.

I am offering a partial scholarship to women you would recommend, who are hard working, self motivated, caregivers to their families, who would enjoy a career in cosmetology.

Cosmetology is a very rewarding and lucrative career choice for people who truly enjoy caring for other people.

I would love to pass on the passion I have for the business on to others who would like to help others. People who help people are usually the happiest people in the world!  I have worked in this business since 1982 and I Still LOVE IT!!!!  Nothing is better than making someone else feel special and better about themselves.  Isn’t that what it’s all about???

Don’t get discouraged, you can start a new career at any age….We have had students in their teens and others who decided on a new career path in their 60’s. It’s never too late!

We work closely with several different organizations who may be able to help you with some of the financial needs associated with going back to school.

We just receive applications from the Chickasaw Nation, so if you are a tribal member they may be able to help you with your education. We also work closely with several other Tribal Councils.

We also have several payment plan options that we can customize to fit your needs.

So please don’t get frustrated….a new Career can be so rewarding, both professionally and financially!  Give me a call at 405-238-3426, schedule an appointment and I will help you get on your new career path.



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