Chemistry and Cosmetology

Chemistry in the Salon

Have you ever wondered why chemistry is so very important to the field of Cosmetology?  Every day clients come into the salon with special needs that require a little chemistry to fix.  From a simple re-adjustment to their shampooing and conditioning  to de-frizz summer stressed hair, to the more complicated, but much needed color adjustment when a home color that goes wrong. Beautiful hair, skin and nails, always start with a healthy body inside, and salon chemistry on the outside.  Today’s stylist must be well versed in Salon Chemistry, to meet their clients needs.Hair Chemist

Salon chemicals, as well as over the counter beauty products change frequently and require a stylist and salon professional to attend regular training to update their education on product knowledge and salon and home use.  There is a vast variety of products that are sold over the counter that can easily damage the hair.

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Why do you think salon professionals should know what is available to their clients over the counter at the local drug store, supermarket, or discount store?  Simply because, at some point in time, our clients, may get a hold of these products, that are labeled “easy to use”, “for home use”, or “gentle formula”, and if used incorrectly, or over some other “safe” product and wreck havoc on the hair.

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When the client does this, what happens next?  They call us!  So we must always be prepared, mentally, as well as physically to bring balance, and reduce the stress that these products and services have caused our clients.

Hair stylist and salon professionals, here is my advice.  Study, Study, Study!  Go to as much education as you can, ask your supply house reps, for product knowledge on all of the products you carry, so you can know the in’s and outs of each product.  Know the pH, the molecular weight, the chemical makeup of each product, ask the about the key ingredients, what type of protein is used, the key benefits, and any contraindications of the products.  Get the MSDS’s on each product.  Know how to store and how to dispose of any unused product.  Know the shelf life, and how you need to mix and what not to mix with the product.  Does this seem like a lot of information to keep track of?  Well this is just the beginning.


Don’t forget the need for client records!  Record the beginning analysis of the clients hair, what and how it was used, and the end result.  This is very valuable data for next time you service the client. Be honest with yourself as well as your client. The client will appreciate the effort you put forth to help them with their service as well as knowing that you are a serious professional who will take care of them and their hair.  Customer service is always first and foremost, but you must go the extra mile and keep records so you can keep track of the needs of your clients.  With all of the ever changing chemicals and products it is very important to track your progress, and the occasional set back that might occur in your client’s hair history. Remember, If you are a true professional, you have the knowledge base needed to help your client with all of their beauty needs.  There are no mistakes only missed opportunities.  We can always help our clients if we just study the situation and put forth the effort!

Happy Clients = a Happy Salon!  Go out and make the effort to make someone Happy!

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