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What is Reflexology? Why in the Salon?

Reflexology Helps to Relieve STRESS!

Reflexology is a wonderful method of pressure point massage used primarily on the hands and feet to induce relaxation and stress reduction.

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History of Reflexology.

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It originated in ancient times around 2,330 B.C.   The record of the Egyptians left was found in the "Physicians Tomb" from the early 6th dynasty.  Pictures depicting the massaging of the hands and feet and had hieroglyphics which translate to "Don't hurt me", and the reply: "I shall act so you praise me".

Asian cultures have used acupressure or Shiatso and accupuncture which uses needles instead of massage.  Most cultures have some type of relaxation techniques using the hands or feet.ancient cosmet 5 - Copy - Copy

Dr. William H. Firzgerald is usually referred to as the pioneer of Reflexology which he called Zone Therapy in his 1917 book, Zone Therapy, or Relieving Pain At Home.

Eunice Ingham expanded and helped polularize Reflexology with her tow books, Stories The Feet Can Tell, and Stories the Feet Have Told.  Mildred Carter, Dr. Maybelle Segal, Anna Kaye & Don C. Matchan, and Dr. Elson M. Haas, The Reflexology Workout have also written scholarly works on the subject.

So....What is the Definition of Reflexology?

"A reflex in an involuntary response to a stimulus," according to the Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary.  A simple definition of Reflexology is massaging specific areas of the hands or feet for the purpose of relieving the stress or pain in corresponding areas of the body.


The biological concept of stress was first developed by Hans Selye who intended originally for "stress" to indicate a cause rather than effect.  He made a linguistic error and gave the term stress to the effect and later had to create the term "stressor" to explain the cause.

Stress is defined in medicine as the result produced when a structure, system or organism is acted upon by forces that disrupt equilibrium or produce strain.

It is generally believed that a little stress is required to maintain certain biological organisms, however, too much can cause pathological changes in the body.

Reflexology relieves stress and tension, improves blood supply and helps unblock nerve impulses, to achieve homeostasis.


There are over 7,000 nerve endings on the bottom of each foot.  Stimulation of these nerve endings sends signals along to the spinal cord, and up to the thalamus gland in the brain, which produces its own opiate-like painkillers called endorphins.  Reflexology stimulates the body's own pain killing system.  Similar to acupressure, the application of pressure to the points over the whole body, and acupuncture, the placement of needles in certain points in the body.  However, Reflexology uses only massage on the hands or feet to relieve the stress of the body.  foot massage

Reflexology is also similar to Shiatsu, which is an oriental massage in which the fingers are pressed on particular points, called tsubo, that ease aches, pains, tension and symptoms of disease.  The 361 Tsubos are also Acupunture points and the pressure points that are located along the "meridian lines," the fourteen channels through which the body's energy flows according to Oriental philosophy.

Whether it is a pressure point or a needle point, it is the nervous system reactions to this stimuli that begins the process of releasing pain killers from the brain and placed into the blood stream to distribute throughout the body.

We find that reflexology paired with foot, hand and chair massage takes the client to a new level or relaxation.  This helps to reduce daily stress and give the body the opportunity to re-balance itself and help induce greater well being.

Aromatherapy is another massage add on that can be used in hair, nailimages (46) and facial services.  If your are interested in more information about any of these services check out the subjects listed in our information or topic boxes, or give us a call 405-238-3426 or facebook us at facebook.com/Penny Miller/Salonpmca.

We are here for YOU, and want your experience to be the best ever.  We are constantly looking for ways to help our clients with their beauty needs, and sometimes this involves helping the client to relax and unwind after a hard day.  If we can help you with anything please let us know.

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Penny Miller


Penny Miller started her cosmetology career in 1982 in Oklahoma. After a few years in the business she purchased a small barber shop in Pauls Valley known as Phase II Hair Design. With a passion for the Beauty Business, she grew her business, expanded her technical skills and her business skills and then later went back to school to learn the best methods to mentor others in the beauty field. Penny has worked and trained with several wonderful cosmetology professionals through the years, and has a true working knowledge of the Salon Business. Once she graduated with her instructors license, she tested her methods, and then opened what is now known as Penny Miller Cosmetology Academy - Phase II. She offers cosmetology training in several different courses as well as intense Salon Business Building practices. Penny still has a passion for the Beauty Business and enjoys helping others to find their path in Cosmetology. Her methods of teaching have been tried and true, as she still hold a 100% pass rate with her students at the state testing level.

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