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Fun Facts about Hair and Cosmetology.

Anatomy of Hair 3

Did you know???

The main purposes of hair is protection from heat, cold, injury and adornment.

Trichology is the technical term for the study of hair.

When looking through a microscope the hair bulb would display living cells.

Hair grows from a tube-like “pocket” called a root sheath or a follicle.Anatomy of Hair 5

Oil glands are attached to the side of the root sheath or follicle.

Sebum helps protect the hair and skin from becoming too dry.

Human hair, on the average, grows about 1/2 inch per month.

Cilia is the technical term for eyelash hair.

Hypertrichosis describes an abnormal coverage of hair on areas of the body where lanugo hair normally appears.

Cosmetology is the art and science of beauty care.cosmetologist

Ergonomics is the science that looks at how work is performed and what body movements, tools and equipment benefit the health and comfort of the cosmetologist and client.

Cells that fight bacteria and other foreign substances are called leukocytes or white blood cells.

The brain is the largest nerve tissue in the human body.

Desincrustation causes sebum to be broken down or blackheads to be liquefied, as in deep-pore cleansing.facial machine

Tesla, a high frequency current, is know as the violet ray.

Bacteria that cause skin infections can be killed by ultraviolet light.

Treatment with light rays is called light therapy.

Clarifying shampoos often have a higher alkalinity in order to be able to remove residue, such as product build-up or dirt.

Medicated shampoo is designed to treat scalp and or hair problems or disorders.

The pH of skin and hair is in the range of 4.5-5.5.

Surfactants contain a lipophilic and a hydrophilic part and are used to remove oil from the hair.

Cleaning the hair and scalp and removing all foreign matter without adversely affecting either the scalp or hair is called shampooing.


The average daily hair loss is 40 to 100 strands.

Hair follicles that are predetermined to produce short, fine, non-pigmented hair that covers most of the body are called vellus.

Wet hair is able to be stretched 40% to 50% of its length.

Pospartum alopecia is the normal temporary hair loss occurring at the conclusion of pregnancy.

Traumatic alopecia is hair loss caused by excessive pulling or twisting on the hair, or by chemical damage.

fustrated client

Scalp massage involves manipulations performed on the scalp to relax the muscles and stimulate blood circulation.

shampoo bowl


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