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Paul’s Valley People make it a Happy Place!

Earlier this year our students got to help us with a workshop for young professionals at the Mid America Technology Center. 100_5190 They had a wonderful time helping to inspire our younger generation with insight into what it is like being a student of cosmetology.  We have an amazing new group of students who are so happy and cheerful, and love working with both young and old. 1217111647-00 download (5)         While attending the workshop our students got an opportunity to network with several other groups and organizations from Paul's Valley, and Garvin County.


Paul Street - Paul's Valley

We were honored when they asked us to be a part of a fun video they put together to help to celebrate Paul's Valley.         Here's the video- We hope you enjoy it and see just a few of the reasons we all think  Paul's Valley is such a "Happy" place! Enjoy. - Penny and the Girls

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